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Island Veterinary Services is pleased to offer advanced pain relief therapy with the K-Laser. This Class IV therapeutic laser is “biostimulatory”, and requires no patient sedation. Numerous studies have shown that the K-Laser is helpful with the treatment of a variety of medical conditions including osteoarthritis, post surgical pain, wound healing and rehabilitation just to name a few.

For more information please click on the K-Laser link: www.k-laserusa.com. Our staff members are K-Laser Therapy certified. They are available to answer any questions you may have, or to schedule an appointment.

Mobile Practice

For the convenience of our patients and clients we offer house call services every Thursday as well as other days during the week for extenuating circumstances if scheduling allows. House call services include routine wellness examinations, vaccinations, evaluation of medical illness and end of life care. We feel that for certain patients having treatments in the home environment will help alleviate stress and anxiety. Dr. Braga will also treat patients belonging to elderly clients in an assisted living/nursing home setting.

AVID Microchip System

Today with the capabilities of microchip identification systems, many pets who would otherwise remain lost are able to be reunited with their families. Island Veterinary Services offers AVID Friendchip system for this reason. This technology offers a safe, reliable and permanent identification system for all pets. This is a quick and safe procedure which can be done in the office as an appointment or at the time of an anesthetic procedure. Many owners opt for microchip placement in their pet at an early age at the time of the animals’ spay or neuter.

For more information click on the link www.avidid.com or please contact the hospital to speak with a staff member who will be happy to answer any additional questions.